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Pregnancy & After Birth

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Aches & Pains in Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, the ligaments in your body start to soften thanks to a lovely pregnancy hormone called relaxin and this helps your pelvis to move and open during birth to accommodate your baby. As our bodies start to soften for birth, along with the weight and demands of pregnancy changing weekly, this can put demands on the body, and these may present in generalised aches and pains. 


Through a thorough case history and examination, I use safe, hands-on techniques to ease discomfort, including but not limited to round ligament pain, sciatica, headaches, back neck and shoulder pain. 

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Pregnancy check pain osteopathy sian steel osteopathy bloom hypnobirthing and wellbeing

After Your Birth 

Your birth experience will be unique to you. Whether you are looking for an “MOT” after birth or are seeking treatment for aches and pains, like “nursing neck”. I will be able to do a detailed assessment and treatment along with exercises to support your post-Partum period/ 4th Trimester.

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