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About Siân 

Hi I’m Siân; mum, osteopath, hypnobirthing teacher and all round birth nerd! 


Welcome to Bloom – my other “baby”, my labour of love, to serve women and their families. 


I’m passionate about birth; from helping to treat aches & pains to optimal positioning of baby for birth to educating women and birthing people in the choices and options they have to make their birth, a positive birth. 


I graduated with a Master’s degree in osteopathy in 2017. I saw first-hand how effective it was in treating pregnancy and women’s health conditions that I completed a post-graduate diploma in 2021 with the Molinari Institute of Health in Imperial Wharf, near Chelsea, London to further my experience and expertise in this area. 


Sian Steel Osteopath & Hypnobirthing Teacher
Sian Steel Osteopath & Hypnobirthing Teacher
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It wasn’t until I decided to have my daughter that I was unexpectedly hit with vast amounts of fear and anxiety about birth. This was because I knew too much about the medical management of birth in maternity services and hearing a spectrum of birth stories from my patients. But above all, it was having the fear struck upon me by an obstetric consultant at 16 weeks pregnant. Despite having a straight-forward pregnancy, I was told that I "would have to give birth on a ward, with medical management" and that I "would have to have procedures done that I explicitly said I didn’t want". She made me feel powerless, out of control and scared. 


I got the support from a doula who took me through a full hypnobirthing course and prepared me for birth. She opened my eyes to the fact that it wasn't that I lacked knowledge, but more that my subconscious fears were hindering my natural ability to birth. Through education and empowerment she helped me to navigate the maternity system.


I did not want other women to feel like I did – I went on to have a beautiful, straight forward and euphoric home birth in the pool – on my terms


Unsurprisingly, following such an incredible and transformational experience, I wanted to teach and pass my knowledge on to others having their babies, to help them have better, empowered and positive birth experiences


As a result, Bloom Osteopathy & Hypnobirthing was… well… born! Combining hands-on osteopathic treatments to physically help during pregnancy and hypnobirthing to educate, support and provide useful and practical tools for birth. 


Now you know a little more about me, please don’t be a stranger and feel free to contact me if you’d like more information, help or support. There’s never a “silly question” and I’m always more than happy to help or signpost you in the right direction. 


Best wishes, 



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