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Initial Appointment

Initial Appointment – 1 hour


Your first visit will take longer than a follow up appointment as I need to take the time to understand your case, lifestyle and medical history to help me form a diagnosis and treatment plan.


Case History

I will need to take a detailed case history regarding why you have visited the clinic to enable me to gain a thorough understanding of your case and build a picture of you as a whole. This will include questions about when your complaint started, the type of pain you’re experiencing and other details about your presentation. I will also need to ask you questions about your current and past medical health such as; previous traumas or accidents, pregnancies, past illness and investigations, current and past medication and any family medical history. This information may not seem relevant, however, it is an important part my diagnostic process.


An osteopath needs to observe and work with your body. I would recommend modest underwear. Patient modesty is very important to me and you will be covered with towels throughout your treatment. However, please bring a pair of shorts or leggings with you if you would feel more comfortable.


Following your assessment I will be able to produce a treatment plan unique to you and your presentation. Sometimes it may be necessary to refer you to your GP for further investigation, however, I will discuss this with you and will only contact another healthcare professional with your consent.  

Sian Steel Osteopathy
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